The “What #BelleLive Taught Me” Blog Tour

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Give Blogging A Go, You never know where you may end up!

The thought of setting up a blog on WordPress was so daunting for me, I just kept putting it off.  I thought I needed to have more technical knowledge of the site to get started and as I have a day job at the moment, I never seemed to have any time to pursue it.

By watching April Bowles-Olin’s course on CreativeLive and spending the time going through her very well put together workbook, I was able to move past the fear that was putting me off for so long, and focus on what I wanted to do……write in a fun and creative way. Immediately after the course, I wrote a blog for my boyfriend’s photography site and found myself  just going into a flow.  April covered this at the start of the course when she said “List everything that brings you into a state of flow”.  At that moment, I had already interviewed my boyfriend, I was with my son at an athletics competition and the sun was shinning that day. I sat in a comfy chair outside in the sunshine ( rare occasion in the UK) and off I went…..the budding writer in me aching to come out just exploded.

April inspired me to take my first steps to blogging.  Once I got over the fact that I did not need to have a lot of technical knowledge to get started, I was able to focus more on the creative side of blogging. Quotes from the course such as “Done is better than perfect!”and “the perfectionist mindset prevents playfulness and imaginative thinking..” ,  has resonated strongly with me and in many ways has empowered me to face my fears full on. Getting started for me was the most important step I took away from the course.  A million thanks April and to my blogging group friends, who have offered some great advise and support during and after the course broadcast.  I am currently working on two different blogs and hope to publish them both soon 🙂

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