The “What #BelleLive Taught Me” Blog Tour

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Give Blogging A Go, You never know where you may end up!

The thought of setting up a blog on WordPress was so daunting for me, I just kept putting it off.  I thought I needed to have more technical knowledge of the site to get started and as I have a day job at the moment, I never seemed to have any time to pursue it.

By watching April Bowles-Olin’s course on CreativeLive and spending the time going through her very well put together workbook, I was able to move past the fear that was putting me off for so long, and focus on what I wanted to do……write in a fun and creative way. Immediately after the course, I wrote a blog for my boyfriend’s photography site and found myself  just going into a flow.  April covered this at the start of the course when she said “List everything that brings you into a state of flow”.  At that moment, I had already interviewed my boyfriend, I was with my son at an athletics competition and the sun was shinning that day. I sat in a comfy chair outside in the sunshine ( rare occasion in the UK) and off I went…..the budding writer in me aching to come out just exploded.

April inspired me to take my first steps to blogging.  Once I got over the fact that I did not need to have a lot of technical knowledge to get started, I was able to focus more on the creative side of blogging. Quotes from the course such as “Done is better than perfect!”and “the perfectionist mindset prevents playfulness and imaginative thinking..” ,  has resonated strongly with me and in many ways has empowered me to face my fears full on. Getting started for me was the most important step I took away from the course.  A million thanks April and to my blogging group friends, who have offered some great advise and support during and after the course broadcast.  I am currently working on two different blogs and hope to publish them both soon 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The “What #BelleLive Taught Me” Blog Tour

  1. Nelia, I am so glad you were able to get started. Again remember none of us are perfect too. As April basically said, we are all under construction.

    Just so you know when I clicked on your link in the blog tour (in the files section on Facebook) your blog would not come up. I had to type in to get to it. You may want to change that in the files on our New Blogger Group on Facebook, so you can receive more comments and visits.

    I enjoyed reading your real honesty about the hesitation to get started. I so remember that feeling when I first started our blog for our Baby and Wedding Time Capsule business.

    There really is too much to share from April. She is amazing. I enjoyed reading your blog because it is so conversational. Great job! If you want, you can check my blog out at We love to receive comments and shares about our decorative Baby and Wedding Time Capsules as well.

    I learned a lot from April about ways to help our business through our blog, so my husband was very understanding that I was watching Creative Live for several hours, to help us advance our lives and business.

    Best of Luck to you,

    Marcie Norton

  2. I love the way you talk about flow! And your enthusiasm beams through your writing! Go, YOU! Excited to follow your growth! Enjoy!!!

  3. So, I have a wordpress blog…or should I say, I have a wordpress site where I could blog if I ever got my act together, worked up the courage and realized that done is better than perfect! Way to be brave! Now if only I could follow suite!

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